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Benefits for providers


Flexible hours that works with our schedule

Generate additional stream of revenue

Mobile app and physcian web interface

No billing requirements or overhead costs


Bairo for Enterprise gives you the clarity, collaboration, and control you need to power your business. And with new smart cloud applications, you can improve outcomes in new ways, it scales to fit your business needs, no matter how big or small. Bairo uses AWS cloud infrastructure to increase performance, productivity and storage at a dramatically lower cost. Extra security controls are layered on to ensure HIPAA compliance.

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How Patients Find You

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Optimized Use of Benefits

Increase awareness and utilization of your benefit programs.

with BairoHealth, your customers get a "mobile-first" experience to keep patient informed of your benifits, discounts, etc..


Get full credit for the discounts you already offer.

Branded To You

Help your customers navigate without being overwhelmed.


Make it easy for patients to find you and offer what they are looking for.


Individualize profile pages for you in BairoHealth to increase your patient inflow and revenue.


Why BairoHealth?

We’ve integrated the latest in behavioral economics with broad-based, real-world experience to deliver incentive management capabilities and evidence-based models that are unique in both

simplicity and sophistication.

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Carrotor stick? Cash or premium discounts? Incentive or raffle? 

At BairoHealth
we know healthy rewards.

BairoHealth gets 

better engagement versus industry norms.

It's about getting 

and right way to use rewards.

At BairoHealth, we're obsessed with finding 

new ways
to truly engage patients.

While there’s no magic bullet, there is a winning formula. A strong, simple patients experience and great discounts rewards combined with compelling and targeted communications, choices, smartly designed rewards, social network integration and

 data analytics.

We Focus on results

It’s about RESULTS.

Getting more people meaningfully engaged can help you achieve better results, faster.Our results come in many forms – reduced healthcare costs are one of them.Recent research conducted across our businesses found:

For those participants with chronic conditions, reductions in healthcare costs of Rs. 500 per patient in months two and three increases the business by 6%